La Tana dei Sognatori

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My name is Ireana and though I’ve been living in the Netherlands for the last decade, Piedmont is always dear to my heart and I’d love for you to get acquainted with this beautiful slice of world by hosting you at my house, La Tana dei Sognatori.

I love travelling, discovering new places, cultures and food, and I like reading, dancing and spending time with my friends and family. For my holidays, I always chose apartments where I can feel at home and enjoy the surroundings and the company of the people who live in it. That’s the kind of atmosphere I’ve tried to recreate for my guests.

I myself lived in this apartment for many years and I hope my guests will enjoy as many unforgettable moments as I have.

When you get to Villanova, either my parents or I will welcome you. My parents live in the building next door and will help you feel at home by showing you around La Tana.

We will be at your disposal for the entire time of your stay.

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